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2014 Parktown Imports Carrera Classic Dates:

April 4-6, 2014

October 10-12, 2014

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What is the Parktown Imports Carrera Classic, and why should I attend?

The Parktown Imports Carrera Classic is the St. Louis PCA's High Performance Driver's Education program (PCA HPDE).  This school offers the perfect environment for car lovers 18 years of age and older to learn more about performance driving.  Our driving school is structured by the Porsche Club of America's Driver's Education Program and is a school that pairs experienced instructors with students of all levels to help them safely learn vehicle dynamics and high performance driving skills in a safe, controlled setting.  If you have always wanted to learn more about driving technique, joining a DE event is the safest, single best way to learn.  While the event is held at a race track, it is NOT a racing school.  You will not be taught to race.  You will learn about vehicle dynamics and high performance driving that will carry over to street driving and make you much more aware and capable in an emergency situation on the street.

To attend a PCA DE, you don’t need to own a Porsche.

The schools are designed to teach you to drive YOUR car better, regardless of who manufactured it.  You will see many non-Porsche cars at a PCA driving school.

Where does the St. Louis PCA hold these DE events?

The St. Louis PCA has a long partnership with Gateway Motorsports Park.  GMP is located just a couple of miles from downtown St. Louis and is a world-class racing facility that hosts events from NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, SCCA, NASA, BMWCCA, and ACNA to name a few.

Will driving on a race track damage my car?

The most important consideration for a PCA DE is safety.  Each car must be inspected prior to arrival at the track and within 30 days of the event, to make sure it is mechanically ready for the weekend.  Tech forms can be downloaded on the right side of this page.  The club provides options for getting this inspection done at no charge.  Of course, cars can break down no matter where they are driven.  So long as your car passes the inspection, your risk of a breakdown should be no greater at the track than on a local road.

What is the downside to doing a PCA Driving School?

Driving School Addiction!  One school is almost never enough.  You also may never again drive your regular commute without thinking about proper apexes, weight transfer, and cornering technique.


Note to all visitors: You must have the minor waiver form complete if you plan to visit Gateway International with a person less than 18 years of age.  The minor will not be allowed to enter the track without a signature from the parents or guardians.  This form can be downloaded on the right side of this page.

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